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What is the Point of Sales (POS) System ?

Point of sales system (POS) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. A POS Software, retails can manage his/her business efficiently. It helps to stock management, accounting, customer billing invoice, store customer data. If you are looking for a POS software in Bangladesh then you are in the right place. CMSN POS Software can efficiently calculate the customer bill and help to make the payment without any hassle. Also, a customer can be paid via different banking channels.

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Importance of POS Software for a Business:

As the world moves to technology. Today everything is managed by digital technology. Digitalization is the revolution for the business. Now it’s helping the businessman to continue their business efficiently. POS Software is becoming first choice to every business or retails to automate their business. No matter what types of business you are running, adopting a POS (point of sale) system can turn your business around by providing an all-in-one solution to a multitude of everyday issues.

If you are running a business there are possibilities to inventories that fail to match tallies, unrecorded sales, human errors and the time wasted. There are easy to avoid these mistakes. If you use our retails business automation called CMSN POS Software then, we are hoping you will avoid your next day errors. We developed our POS software for Bangladesh according to real-life experience from retailers. You can check out all our POS software features.

Why CMSNPOS is the Best POS Software in Bangladesh?

If you are looking for the best POS software in Bangladesh, You are in right place. We are specially experienced to develop the point of sales system to run any business efficiently. We are developing POS software since 2013. We developed our POS software by using our real-life problem. Day by day we are updating our system to make your business automation.


Our special features in CMSN POS is integrated eCommerce website. The first time we are introducing this special features to make a complete business selling automation. This system can help you to manage inventory in one system. Every function in our POS software easy to understand and anyone can use .

Features of CMSN POS Software:

  • Multiple branch system
  • Individual branch dashboard
  • Reporting by a branch
  • Customer database
  • GST Payable /receivable
  • Promotion Management.
  • Bulk Product upload
  • Profit/loss report
  • Product Entry
  • Product Purchase feature
  • Sales reporting and analytics
  • Employee management
  • Price Management
  • Customer Account Manager
  • Barcode Generation
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Return tracking
  • Expenses
  • Invoice/Quotation Management and
  • Many more!


Our dedicated team is ready to provide 24/7 support through Phone, Email, and Skype, TeamViewer.


Our cloud-based POS solution is highly available and saleable. More than faster. Server downtime is almost ZERO.


Our solution includes extreme level of data security and we are offering daily data backup for last 10 days.

FAQ for CMSN POS Software in Bangladesh

About 1 HR / Time to connect DNS with hosting server.

Please call us on 01772-2236060 . You may fill-up the contact us page too.

Yes, It's free of cost . We are offering now a .com domain and unlimited hosting for your business.* [Offer can be changes anytime]

You can call us directly on our number in office time. If you want to support in holidays. You have to pay 500/Hr.

Multiple branches POS software price start from ৳ 10,000/Year. Please call us for more details . Phone number : 01772223060


CMSN POS, 2nd Floor, H#19 , R# : 5 Benaroshi Palli, Mirpur-10 

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